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Baltic Amber

Baltic amber (also known as succinite or jantar) is tree resin, which can be more than 40 milion years old. 

Precious amber stones have inclusions, which means that plants or animals are confined in them. There are up to 300 kinds of amber colors - starting from white, ending on black. The color of the amber depends on many factors, like what kind of substances the amber absorbed, or what kind of elements it is built from (e.g. nickel turns the amber green).

The first amber ornaments and amulets had already emerged about 40000-1000 years before our era. They were traded across ancient Europe, especially popular in the Roman Empire. Roman merchants used to go on a search for amber up to the Baltic Sea through so called Amber Trail.

Baltic Amber is the only fossil resin which contain from 3 to 8 percent of succinic acid, which has healing properties. It is used both externally and internally for different purposes. It can be made into a pendant and worn as a necklace, or made into a special oil, incense, or a liqueur. It is also added to cosmetics more and more often.

Due to the fact that succinite is strongly desired and mined, it begins to slowly disappear. The raw material becomes as precious as gold if not even more expensive. Therefore, beautiful amber jewelry with time becomes more and more valuable.


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